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Glass Designs for Retail Projects

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Glass printing can transform simple retail and commercial projects into unique, eye-catching, and durable glass designs for your space. The innovative technology allows for full design customisation, with colour matching capabilities that can replicate any digital image file. This makes it easier than ever to create unique and impactful environments.

Through a client we were lucky enough to work with Akin Creative on a commercial fitout in Bondi Junction Westfield for Acme Bakers & Roasters.

The design involved a pattern of pink and polka dots printed onto rectangular and triangular pieces of glass. It was also designed so that there was a white background behind the dots up to a certain height on the glass, so that it could hide equipment and cables to make the café look neater and cuter – now that’s an efficient way to combined aesthetics with functionality.

The process was simple – Akin Creative’s team sent over digital files of the polka dots and the builder sent over the dimensions for the project.

Following the specifications, we then added in the white background using illustrator based on the sizes required. We then printed a few small samples using different shades of pink and different sized dots for the client to choose from.

Colour matching test for glass printing

Once the shade and size of dots were agreed upon, we printed the real thing and ta-dah! What a magnificent and signature look! Such a simple pattern, yet such a big impact. We also love the effect of the LED lights which help make the space pop even more.

Acme Bakery in Bondi Junction Westfield with printed glass fitout using pink polka dots for decor and privacy - side view
Acme Bakery in Bondi Junction Westfield with printed glass fitout using pink polka dots for decor and privacy - closeup
Acme Bakery in Bondi Junction Westfield with pink polka dots printed on glass for decor and privacy

Other retail projects we’ve created signature looks for include Kebab Point (Hillsdale) and Sheer Haven Beauty Salon (Hornsby), where geometric patterns were printed to decorate the shops’ signage. Another favourite project of ours is Brewristas in Darlinghurst, where digital illustrations by Yee The East were printed as the centrepiece of the café for both upstairs and downstairs.

Kebab Point printed glass
Sheer Haven Beauty Salon printed glass
Brewristas printed glass

Indeed, digital glass printing opens up limitless possibilities to create stunning and visually-pleasing glass designs! We definitely recommend you check out these cute retail setups!