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Texture Imitation for Printed Glass Splashbacks

By May 30, 2019 No Comments

With the capability to print any digital image onto glass, a popular choice for our customers is to replicate textures onto printed glass splashbacks. For example, instead of installing real wood, tiles, bricks or marble, an imitation of those textures are printed onto glass.

Imitation of woodgrain pattern printed onto glass for residential kitchen for easy cleaning and durability
Imitation of grey brick texture printed on glass splashback for residential kitchen in Sydney as interior design inspiration
Texture imitations printed onto glass for easier cleaning, durability and aesthetics. Popular for kitchen splashbacks

Our customers choose printed glass splashbacks for many reasons:

It is simple to install: glass is easy to mount, and printed glass can come be customised to as big as 2800mm x 3700mm.

It is more durable: all printed glass have been tempered, which makes it stronger and more resistant to breakage

It is easier to clean: given its durability and smooth surface, it is very easy to clean and wipe down

It is more sustainable: glass is a recyclable resource and the ink used it eco-friendly

It is more customisable: since any digital image can be printed, the possibilities for choice are endless

The turnaround time is fast: glass is easy to cut and process to the necessary size and shape. This coupled with the locality of Visual Glass Tech’s operations means that jobs can be completed quickly

And of course, this capability is not just limited to printed glass splashbacks. It can be used throughout an entire glass building for very meaningful purposes such as to preserve cultural identity. For example, an amazing project undertaken by architecture firm MVRDV using printed glass in The Netherlands involved recreating a traditional Dutch farm. In order to achieve this, all the remaining historical farms in the area were photographed, then collated to create an average farm façade image. After playing with features such as levels of translucency and shading according to the need for light and views throughout the structure, the image was then printed onto 5,000 pieces of glass panels that were assembled together to create a marvellous piece of architecture.

Traditional Dutch Farm designed by MVRDV using printed glass in Schijndel, The Netherland
Glass printed straw roof and brick wall textures to replicate traditional Dutch farm using glass printing in The Netherlands
Glass walls printed with red brick texture imitations and controlled opacity of ink to create window frame effects

Not only is it beautiful and a breathtakingly accurate replication of a historical icon, the durability of the printed glass ensures that the traditional structure will stand the test of time.

The possibilities with printed glass are endless, enabling a combination of stunning design, long-lasting durability and easy maintenance. You can come up with your own design where your imagination is the limit, or you can comfortably select from our design gallery. Contact us now and together, let’s bring your design vision to life.